Counsellors who work with people with a precarious residence status* often feel powerless. They only seem to be able to provide emergency assistance. Is there anything more they can do, other than ‘put out fires’?

  • The brochure introduces you to the vision and methodology of future orientation.
  • You will consider the broader migration context and the specific assistance provided to those with a precarious residence status.
  • The brochure describes future orientation in specific detail and invites you to look at the vision and role of counsellors.
  • You will read about the four most important areas impacted by future orientation: recognition, insight, reflection and taking control of one’s life.
  • You will learn what is required to make room for future orientation in your organisation.
  • You will get acquainted with some of the pioneers of future orientation in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent.

The brochure is only available digitally (pdf).

*By ‘people with a precarious residence status’ we mean people who are not sure if they will ever be entitled to remain in Belgium as a permanent resident - such as people with a temporary or conditional permit, as well as undocumented migrants.